please help, engine wont rev all the way up

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by duanedixon, May 23, 2012.

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    duanedixon 94 javelin

    I'm new to this thing so any help would be appriciated. I have a 94 javelin 389 with a 1994 evinrude 150 intruder on it. When I bought it I had to change the optic eye because it didn't have any spark. Well now that I got it running. It cranks ups fine and will idle fine. When u give it gas it will almost plane off but when it gets to about 3500 rpm It won't rev any more. Like it sounds like it hits a rev limiter. If u put it in neutral it does the same exact thing. Compression is around 115 on all cylinders. Out the water it does the same thing. Anyone know where I might can start. Thanks
  2. tunnels

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    Sounds to me like you assembled something round the wrong way when you fitted the thing !!
    Have you checked the main lever is getting to its full stop position .Dont have to start the motor its just checking thats all !! its under the hood so have to take if off and get the throttle lever and push it full down see if its touching the stop :D
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    Its not throttle because you don't need anything like full to rev it past 3000.

    Its an electrical failure like the rev limiter has become corrupted meaning a change in the ignition module anyway.

    If you have never seen this motor running it could be anything---electrical.

    Check the air gap again on the eye but realy you need to swap out the ign module (power pack)
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