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Discussion in 'Stability' started by David Moskowitz, Oct 30, 2006.

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    David Moskowitz New Member

    I have what may sound like a stupid question to you guys but i have been searching for some info and i think you may have it. I just acquired a 12ft 1969 Starcraft Boat. I cant seem to find out what the Max weight limit for people is? What i need to know is how many guys can i fit? Thanks for any help!!!!:confused:
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    That's determined by a mathematical formula set out by the appropriate government authorities.... taking into account the dimensions and shape of the hull, its construction, and a host of other factors. Slap a 6hp outboard and its gas tank on your rig, plus a bit of basic gear, and I'd guess you have room for two adult guys, maybe three. At that vintage I'm not sure if the boat would have a capacity plate; newer boats have such a plate mounted on the transom somewhere near the motor mount. You could look on a recent boat of the same length, beam, freeboard and weight to get some idea where yours stands, or you could get a single-vessel capacity plate for it.
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    First off in 1969 the maximum persons capacity regulations did not exist so they would not have been a capacity label. A general rule of thumb is length times beam divied by 15, but that is an approximation. To find the actual person capacity you first need to know the maximum weight capacity. Go to this link and download the booklet Safety Standards for backyard boat builders. It 's a pdf file so you need adobe reader. Read thorugh it. it will tell you how to calculate maximum weight capacity.

    Or go to my web site page on Safe Loading
  4. David Moskowitz
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    David Moskowitz New Member


    Ya its to old to have the max weight plate, it just says it can take up to a 12 HP motor.

  5. timgoz
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    My friend "Big Larry" and I (I'm 6'2" & 220 lbs.) pretty much fill up his 12foot aluminum v-hulled skiff. We just use an electric trolling motor. Three would probably be a sensible maximum.

    Take care.

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