Plating model for round hull

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    My understanding is any calculations relevant to naval architecture which can be done with AutoCAD without add-ons can also be done with Rhino without any add-ons. There are calculations which Rhino without add-ons can do which AutoCAD cannot do without add-ons.

    TANSL, am I correct that you have created various spreadsheets, etc to use with AutoCAD when making various calculations?

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    DCockey, any CAD program lets you to create the model and get volume, center of gravity, etc. Just prepare some subroutines, mine are in Visaul Basic, to collect and manage these data. I suppose that is what we mean when we say that a program makes calculations of naval architecture.
    I can do with AutoCAD calculations that, I think, are not possible with Rhino and additionally get a high-quality graphical output.
    The figure below is a sample (sorry for its poor quality). Not only facilitates the calculations but the whole project, text, graphics, are made with extraordinary speed and quality.
    Spreadsheets I have developed are, let me call them, a auxiliary "product" or "tool". I am not referring to them when I talk about my calculations.

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