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    one man can wheel plates up to 6m in length, by himself
    the plate is suspended from a chain monorail, and the height as it passes through the wheels is controled by the up down button
    First step is to stretch the plates center in a diamond pattern, this gives the plate BANANA, which is need to make the plate go around the length of the boat After it is judeged that there is enough banana in the plate, then the forming takes place The forming wheel is v in shape, whilst the stretching ones are, at the back flat, and at the front, the operators side, slightly round, the bearing surface on the operators side should be about 8mm
    i can do 4 plates a day and a good man can keep up fitting same
    the travel speed is quite important, and care must be taken not to run the electric cable through the wheels this makes for much cussing
    The machine can be laid down, so that one man can wheel things like noses,, see my gallery Hope this helps you to make yourselves a sweet job
    I use polyutehane formers for top runs, and most things, but in forefoot with heavy plate the v block will need to be metal

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    Might be a dead thread, but you've quoted it elsewhere now and I gotta ask.... Any more info on this setup of yours? I have no clue how to use one right now, but am hoping to take a few metalworking courses once I'm through with quantum mechanics and all that. You're notorious, lazeyjack, for making the rest of us jealous of the fact that we're all dreaming while you're actually building.
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    it is very nice of you to say that,
    and thanks for your appreciation, I dont want money, if you hook into yahoo messenger, bhnautika and I do cad work together, or rather I show him, what the guts of a boat looks like and he, teaches me cad, he is a very patient man,
    I am quite happy to tell you how to do it, but as you know I am a poor typer, and an impatient one, but I have endless patience to teach it by voice, lazyjack on messenger yahoo
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