Plans needed for a steel construction

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Steel Builder, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I am looking in building a 38' troller steel boat and the steel builder is asking me for the
    structural drawings including Deck, Bulkheads, transverse sections and Shell expansion. I have only the profile plans , interior , lines plans and offset table and construction plan , does any one knows were i can get advise of how to get this plan. Designer will not furnish this plans.
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    what info/data in on the "construction plan"?????? ... this may (or may not) be enough info.
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    Would the Dix Echo 38 be to your taste ? - Those are at least complete plans.

    P.S. - Or perhaps a stretched version of the Dix Fishing 30 ?
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  4. JSL
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    If you could post a drawing (General Arrangement & Plan) of the boat it might help clarify a number of things. A troller can be a commercial fish boat or sometimes morphed into a pleasure boat. Your builder has asked for a Shell Expansion which is most often associated with commercial and larger vessels and I have met a few small craft builders (and designers) who don't know what it is, looks like, or its purpose.
  5. gonzo
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    The builder is asking for something reasonable. The plates may not be developable which results in compound curves which are hard and expensive. What kind of designer doesn't have plans? Is this for real or are you just yanking our collective chains?o_O
  6. TANSL
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    Asking for the shell expansion is not reasonable. Although the ship was a barge of parallelepiped shapes (all developable plates), it would be necessary to make constructive plans for the structure. In metal hull boats, of some importance, it is completely normal for someone to do, generally it is the shipyard, a series of construction plans completing and complementing the plans from the designer. These plans can be different in quantity and detail, according to the technical and human resources available to the shipyard. A shipyard, for example, can cut the metal parts by means of a mechanical saw and another shipyard can cut them by numerical control. The information needed in each case is totally different.
    Do not think that someone is "just yanking our collective chains", you just have to know what is being talked about.
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    How realistic are your expectations? I ask this 'cause of your interest in air cooled propulsion and the lack of detail for this request.
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    It seems to me that you have some good old fashioned paper plans. They need lofting. Normaly a yard is able to do this and generate any construction drawings they need. But maybe the quote they offered didn't include this work since they expected a full CAD/CAM package and going straight to cut, bend and weld.

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    If building in steel, take all the advantage of the material - the biggest part of this is having the boat CNC plasma/water jet cut. It's a massive time (labour cost) saver.

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