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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by sawmaster, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Does anyone have any experience with purchasing vintage plans from DN goodchild? I believe they are most likely reprints from early "how to build 20 boats" or "Boatbuilder" magazine.-The Illustrations of William Jacksons planing sailor Tabu are identical to the ones in my original 1970 copy.The company purports to have "plans" for Peter Milne's Fireball for 8.95--I think theyre available from the class assn for about 150.00.Is it possible that the older obselete (probably chine since this was before widespread use of stich and glue) plans could legally be used to produce a Fireball-like facsimile of the original?Does anyone know if fireball plans were ever published in one of the early magazines?-I dont know if this company is legit.Sounds almost too good to be true.
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    I purchased LF Herreshoff's "Common Sense of Yacht Design" from DN Goodchild last year. This book has been out of print for decades. The copy I received was a new bound photo reprint of the original. I was extremely impressed with the quality of binding, printing, etc., some of the photos had vellum dust covers. It even had a pocket for drawings on the inside back cover, a ribbon bookmark, and a high-quality dust cover/jacket. Very impressive and I would recommend DN Goodchild to anyone if the quality that I have seen is representative. Good luck.

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    I've had similar experience with other reprints of books (never bought plans).


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    Be aware that a Fireball built to the original plans is not as fast or as easy to handle as a "wide bow" of the style popularised by Lelange and Dransfield.

    The scant contact I have had with Goodchild was pretty positive btw.
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    I have a couple of reprints from them and their service was good, but the reprints less then what I expected. I say this because I also had original copies of the reprints and the photos didn't come out nearly as well as they could or should have. Some images where so dark as to be unintelligible. Bindery operations seems better then many.
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    Thanks to all respondents--I probably wont try to build exactly to the plans--will use them as an idea generator for a slightly smaller and lighter singlehanded version.Will keep the forum posted if this results in an actual build. Thanks again.
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    The class assn plans price will include class registration and designers royalties, the vintage ones neither. If you don't want to register a proper Fireball and you don't want Milne's widow or heir to receive their few quids then the cheaper alternative makes sense.
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