Plans/Architect wanted for 35ft Aluminum Center Console

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by mleto1, Sep 14, 2009.

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    I'm in the planning stages of building a 33-37ft Aluminum fishing center console for offshore fishing. The boat needs to be along the lines of a Contender, Sea Vee, Yellowfin, Rock Salt, etc. I would prefer to find plans, or a Naval Architect that could draw a boat so I could get some material costs. Pricing will be very important. These plans need to include drawings for all stringers and panels.

    I want to get some material costs to see if this will be possible to build a boat on my budget. I only need plans for a bare hull, with gunnels and deck. I will add all accessories.

    I would also consider a big catamaran similar to a Parker Fincat. Fuel efficiency is very important.

    Preliminary plans:

    35ft LOA +/- 3 ft
    Twin or triple outboards on bracket
    22-24.5* deadrise (stepped hull a plus with a slightly lower deadrise)
    500 gallon fuel capacity
    Massive below deck fish boxes
    WOT of 60mph
    Cruise of 40-45mph
    Great fuel efficiency (would like to see over 1.5mpg at cruise)

    Any insight is appreciated.
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    Email me, I may be able to assist you with you project.
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    Offshore Design

    mleto1, I suggest you contact they are one of the best welded aluminum design firms in the US, and their work is on your approved models list as well!


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    We don't sell our plans but we'd love to build you a plain hull!
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