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    Wher do you guys buy planking? Im in soCal. Cant find anywhere.
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    It would be greatly helpful if you specified the type of planking (material type, species, etc.), in what thickness(es), & sizes. Along with the type of construction you're using. Your top 3 choices, & why, etc. As well if you have some DIY machining capability, such as your own thickness planer, or the ability to easily cut large quantites of bead & cove profiles in them, or similar. Plus a score of things I'm no doubt forgetting to mention, but that have Huge impacts on any project, like; cost, time spent machining raw materials, the plan for getting them to your jobsite.

    Also are you averse to using reclaimed lumber? And the type where you even have to pull out all of the old fasteners yourself, prior to machining it to size/workable format. Or buying reclamined stuff from a company which specializes in such, & that does most of the above prep for you.
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