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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Hisham, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Hisham Marine engineer

    I am a fresh (Naval Architecture and marine engineer), my studies concentrated on merchant and steel vessels, I have a small background on yachts, so I am looking for a technical book at least (not for beginners), on yacht design especially plan hull, I want to learn about how can I generate a plan hull and how hull shape affects performance

    For example:
    (the effect of dead rise angle and its variation along the hull)
    (Longitudinal curvature along the buttocks)
    (Shape of the chine in plan and profile view)
    (Variation of "V" along the hull from deep V to Shallow V)

    Also I am looking for another one on (wooden construction of yachts) explaining the various wooden connections and scantling of construction members
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    Kreso Senior Naval Architect

    Hi Hisham !
    For boat construction I recommend Dave Gerr "Elements of Boat strength" book, but for designing of planing hull I didn't find any appropriate book. You must collect knowledge from experience, technical papers (order Professional Boatbuilder), SNAME papers, you can find a lot of good explanations here on
    I'll attach savitsky calculation which I downloaded from this site.

    Good luck :)

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  3. Hisham
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    Hisham Marine engineer

    Thanx alot Kreso

  4. Ike
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    Ike Senior Member

    Most of the really good books on this are out of print and you ahve to search on-line or at used book stores for them:

    Naval Architecture of Planing hulls: Lindsay Lord, Cornell Maritime Press.
    High Speed Small Craft: Peter Ducane (don't recall who published it.)
    Dan Savitsky has published a body of writings on Planing Hull Design. He is officially retired but remains a Professor Emeritus at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, and can be reached through them.
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