placement of outboard and jack plate on tunnel-hull skiff

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by n2theblue, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Hello, just thought I would try and see if anyone had a good idea of placement on prop height for a carolina skiff style boat that has had a prop pocket/tunnel cut into it. boat is currently set up with an inboard six cylinder and straight shaft screw. my plans are to remove the prop and shaft and shaft log, finish out the tunnel for clean water, and then install a 115 hp outboard along with a jack plate. The motor I have is a 25" shaft motor and am not going to buy a new hydraulic jackplate until i decide how much lift i will need. gonna be some fiberglassin' and sanding to get her going. I will take some pics and try to show what it looks like now.
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    Sound like a load a fun coming up ! The pocket tunnels are a poor mans substitute for the real thing!!! but setting up as a starting point make the underside of you cav plate just above the level of the bottom of the hull . Gradually you can keep lifting till you get it to a point where its good for you and a little further and its doing all kinds a silly things .
    CAVITATION when cornering is number one and second water starvation and a cooked motor when it gets really high for all out speed .So might have to look for a low level water pick up nose cone to add to you list for xmas goodies !!
    Post some pictures if possible will and can help a lot !! and you could even get some really good advice !

    The further back the motor the more you can raise it . But a 25 inch shaft ?? There are limits to all this you do realise ??
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