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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by nate teach, Jun 4, 2011.

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    One thing to daydream about is adding a retractable bowsprit to fly an enormous asymmetrical spinnaker. It would work mostly downwind, but could very well make the boat plane, giving ten knots speed or more. Believe me, if your boat ever reached that speed, you would think you were flying.

    And it's a whole lot easier to deal with than a conventional chute.

    The nicest thing about such a plan is that you are adding something to the boat, not changing something that's already there.

    But, I agree with other posters. The main thing is to get it ready for the water the least expensive and least time consuming way possible and get to know it.

    Even if it is less than pristine during its 1st season, it is certainly better than no boat at all. You can up grade it bit by bit over the years on a pay as you go basis, instead of borrowing a butt load of money all at once. If I had handled my first real sailboat that way, I would still have it.

    From your picture, it looks like it has around a 3 ft draft. Trailering it is not going to be fun. This boat looks like it needs a slip.
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