Pirate ship Blue Plan?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by westlawn5554X, Mar 27, 2007.

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    There are currently several square rigged vessels for sale around the world and a few on hold, waiting for movie sequels to be made (HMS Rose for example).

    These craft range in size from 50' for a small brig or ketch to well over one hundred feet in a third rater.

    The age of real piracy was done by the time ship design evolved into the fighting machines glorified in the 18th and 19th centuries. The 14th through the 16th centuries vessels were commandeered freight carriers (merchant craft). Typically lightly armed, fast and weatherly, with no fore and aft arrangement.

    Doctoring a early 1800's era merchant craft into a 15th century pirate ship wouldn't be that difficult an under taking, though the hull shape wouldn't be particular accurate, but who'd know other then the few, with skilled enough eyes to tell the difference.

    Many designers have specialized in these types of cruisers over the years, notably, Jay Benford, "who's designs are so salty, they'll make your eyes rust."

    Even a simulation, using a well worn, but still serviceable 'glass hull, like an Island Packet or Cabo Rico, could have it's deck cap removed the interior gutted and a new deck layout, structural elements and rig installed. These older cruisers would have enough hull shape to provide much of the look you desire, certainly from a camera angle sufficient to capture the boat making way that most wouldn't know.

    I would suspect a moderate size (70' or less) 'glass hull could be fashioned, one off, with reasonably realistic hull shapes (at least above the LWL, within a modest budget.

    What are you looking to spend and what era are you interested in mimicking (early, mid or later period pirate ship)? If intrested in a modification to an exsisting hull or a down and dirty one off, drop me an email (click on my name), as I'd love to pen up a classic representation of a pirate ship for you (I don't know a designer that wouldn't).
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    While station in a loney marina it can be use as a tourist attraction and a fine pirate fish and chip restuarant.

    You may find the marina owner will have LARGE problems with liability for a tourist resturant. AS may the USCG, about inspection and manning issues..

    And if it becomes even marginally profitable , the marina folks will be your new PARTNERS.

    Don't ask,


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    Hi Fred, glad you made it home safe and sound . . .
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