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Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Boston, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    Well that was an interesting phone call. Some x military friends of mine are pulling together a biz plan where they escort ships through the gulf of Aden. They are looking for a boat that must

    1) 100~135'
    2) 35 knots + capable
    3) preferably of military or coast guard design
    4) steel hull
    5) diesel engines 2
    6) cheap
    7) blue water capable
    8) 6 berths
    9) used
    10) these guys are willing to refurbish an abandoned or derelict hull if the price is right

    Mark what else is available in Homer. That article ( from the random pictures thread ) mentioned several other boats that were just sitting waiting for an offer.

    Anyone staring at something in there harbor that fits the bill and is just waiting for rescue. An old coast guard vessel or a fast fisherman that could be refitted to military use.

    thanks in advance folks
  2. Crag Cay
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  3. Itchy&Scratchy
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    Itchy&Scratchy Senior Member

    Hey Crag,

    those beasties look the business, one of those, a few mercenaries and they ll be laughing.

  4. PAR
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    A small outboard powered pirate craft could easily out maneuver one of those. The torpedoes would be useless against most any of their craft and it would be absurdly costly to maintain a small fleet of these, to patrol the waters off the horn, let alone find someone to pay for it or a government to endorse it.
  5. Luckless
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    Luckless Senior Member

    Where are you planning to base this out of? How will you deal with the legal aspects of the weapons? And how do you keep yourself from being targeted by the multinational naval task force operating in the area?

    What is the largest weapon you plan to employ? Where do you plan to train and practice? What do you plan to use for training targets? Expert marksmen suck on a bouncing boat at sea. :p
  6. Kay9
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    Who is going to risk thier captains licenses running a vessel of this nature?

  7. mark775

    mark775 Guest

    Risk their captain's license in what way? I will (tho the boat would have to be bigger and more comfortable). No risk to license- the governments would love to have some of the heat taken off them. There is nothing illegal or immoral about this.
    Boston, there's nothing here like that, BTW.
  8. Kay9
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    Kay9 1600T Master

    Wow Mark. You might want to reread the CFRs.

    Your captain of a vessel flying a US flag that shoots and kills a Somali in international waters, and you think the US government is going to be happy???

    The best outcome here is a loss of your licenses. The worst is a prison in some 3rd world country.

    I wouldnt touch this job with a 10 foot pole.

  9. mark775

    mark775 Guest

    The Government is aware of these business plans. It will happen. Ending up dead or in some third-world prison (dead, or worse) is the risk factor. This is exactly what Blackwater, et. al., do. We are not talking about shooting an innocent. The reason Boston mentions using the ex-military boat is that when the pirates see this, they will go away. The reason I would do this is not for some morbid pleasure in killing but because 1.) The money - Wages will be 1/3 million kinda tax-free for half a year on patrol (that's a guess, but what I would require or the shipping company can get somebody else with black sunglasses and MAC, http://world.guns.ru/smg/smg22-e.htm 2.) It is the right thing to do.
  10. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    Actually these guys are dying to get rolling. They all have long and successful military histories and they are well aware of the legalities of being a private defense contractor. Two of them have experience as PDC and if anyone could end up crewing a boat its these guys. The were just asking about buying or crewing and wanted to see what was available for how much.

    you nailed it Mark
    PDC earn between $600 and $1200 a day depending on a lot of things
    generally 90 days on and 30 days off payed
    bonuses for successful engagements and high risk missions

  11. Typhoon
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    Personally, I'd just buy an old Huey or similar, mount a 20mm cannon or two on it and leave and refuel off the ships being escorted. Great range via being with the ship, hard to hit and damage with small arms fire and instant response to threats. Finish one escort, pick up your fuel tank and move to the next ship.
    This would also allow the justification of self defence.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Luckless
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    Luckless Senior Member

    Why would you use a 20mm? Fairly major over kill, and far more costly on the ammunition. (Not to mention heavier and harder to handle.)

    12.7mm/.50cals in a dual or quad setup would be far more effective, or even a 7.62mm. Small boat to small boat engagements tend to prefer more shots down range in a spread pattern to increase hit chances. Plus the weapons are smaller, lighter, and cheaper to acquire.

    In theory you could even rig up a hex-7.62mm fore and aft, or fore dual quads. If you put enough lead down range to make the water between the pirates and the target look like it is boiling, then chances are they'll think twice and return home.
  13. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    ya the electric Gatling gun has been discussed. I think its a buck or two a round and 6000 rounds a minute so its a kinda pricey way to sink a bunch of Skinny's.
  14. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    ya I think the idea is that once they get rolling they want to get a couple of Gatling guns. But for now they just want to get there and get started making some money. Im all for em and if it works out I'd do it in a heartbeat. Would pay for the rest of my build in no time.

  15. wardd
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    wardd Senior Member

    sharp shooters on a stabilized platform and some rpg launchers they seem cheap enough
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