Pine pitch for caulking.

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by Clockmaker, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Clockmaker
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    Clockmaker New Member

    We are restoring a Dutch double ender built in 1925 and want to use the original type of cotton, oakum and pine pitch in the deck seams. We have collected several gallons of pitch but need the formula for the finished caulking. Was something added to the raw pitch and if so what? It is very brittle in it's raw form. Thanks, JL
  2. ned L
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    ned L Junior Member

    I would suggest posting your question on the Woodenboat forum, I think there are some regulars there who might know the formula.
  3. waikikin
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    Hi Clockmaker, we use Jeffries No. 2 marine glue for paying the decks, I've heard its some kind of pitch with india rubber & benzine? added but not really sure if thats "true", all the same we just buy this material made for the job & just use it.Be careful with hot pitch & not to overheat it. All the best from Jeff.
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    Everyone has their own "secret" recipe. It's not the best thing you can use on your seams either. You'd be much better off with a two part polysulfide or if you want to go "traditional" then a pine tar and rosin mixture. You'd be well advised to use a produced product, as controlling drying and shrinkage in a home made batch is hit or miss, unless you've a fair amount of experience with these mixtures. Polysulfide has none of these issues.
  5. DGreenwood
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    IF you absolutely insist on using the totally traditional stuff you should definitely go with either the Jeffries or the stuff that comes from the PNW (can't remember the name) otherwise you run a very big risk of finding a huge pool of pitch at the the lowest point on your deck on the first warm day. A best case scenario is that it only ends up tracked all over the boat, including on your bed sheets before summer is over. Not to mention the damn miserable leaks you will suffer. If you ever hope to lure a mate into your boat you will need a more comfortable environment than the homebrew has to offer.

    Go with Polysulfide.

  6. doublewood
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    doublewood New Member

    How did you collect gallons of pine pitch? Finding just a small bit for a cobbler's wax formula has been troublesome. Any tips?
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