Pictures of steel and aluminium small crafts?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by Cigra, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Cigra
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    Cigra New Member

    Hi everybody!

    I am an author of the article about small steel and aluminium crafts in Croatian boatbuilding magazine "Mala brodogradnja".
    My article-text is finished but only what I need are pictures of these boats which I mentioned in the text. Of course, I contacted boatbuilders and wait for their answers but I know that maybe best pictures in high resolution always have boatowners.

    So I ask you for a help, everyone who have some private pictures of Bruce Roberts steel projects, or Van de Stadt 30` Vita and 34` steel or aluminium sailboat, also some Boarnstream yachts, or Aquanaut.... please send me on my e-mail address ( and I will put some of them in my article.

    Also you can give me some suggestion if I missed some really famous boatbuilders of steel and aluminium small crafts, ...but their crafts must be get-at-able in Europe.

    Minimal resolution of pictures must be 1000 x 800 pixels, and pictures of the boat in not-finished manufacturing process are also welcome.

    Thank you very much.
  2. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Hi Cigra,

    Here are some photo's of small steel boats.

    A Tom Thumb 24 under construction in my backyard.
    Not on your wish list though, but a super small blue water cruiser. Designed by Grahame Shannon

    Van De Stadt 34, under construction and completed

    Best regards

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    D'ARTOIS Senior Member

    forgot e-mail address

    Bornstream and Aquanaut I have for you, give me your direct e.mail and I will mail them to you later in the day (For met it's 3.50 pm)
  4. Cigra
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    Cigra New Member

    Wynand N and D'ARTOIS, great thanks! I`d really appreciate it. I think that VDS 34` pictures will be used in my article, but thanks for all.
    My direct mail:

    Best wishes
  5. PerCorell
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    PerCorell Junior Member


    15 years ago I founded the Cyber-Boat .
    It was about making a 3D model mainly AutoCAD , writing new applications to overcome the restrictions in AutoCAD , about how many faces a polymesh can contain --- how smooth the resulting unfolded panel can be --- and test building various designs made vith a varity of small applications, --- you se a lot of these at the Cyber-Boat group.

    Now what is realy the important issue building from sheets, --- when you stand there with a huge panel swinging in the air, the most important thing is the framework, the framework that must be the exact form of the boat from that the panels are unfolded.

    What's best then, ribs and frames you bendes somwhat into shape , ribs you troubled from the scaled planes not compleatly sure they fit with the panels --- what is best to fiddle or to know that both the panels and the framework work that both are generated from the same 3D model.

    Now if you think "this promise to much" try go the just the old Cyber-Boat group find the files section download the plans for the 5Meter-Longboat the one with 3D-H framework and build a simple scale model, then you will know why 3D-Honeycomb make a framework where you don't bend one single piece, that these options make a new concept in hull design one that produce a hull without the useal detail trouble time comsuming fiddeling and bending, --- check a new method that is fit for sheet materials and computers ;[​IMG]

    You find Cyber-Boat at ;

    You find the latest group the Tsunami Longboat group at ;

    Best regards
    Per Corell
  6. Tim_Hastie
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    Tim_Hastie Junior Member

    some bruce roberts designs are being built by Keen Boats in Ontario Canada
  7. Paul Mooney
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  8. alloyed2sea
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    alloyed2sea Junior Member

    MOST Famous Builder of Metal Boats?

    Why, Chris-Craft of course. :p
    Over the course of 23 years, Chris-Craft's Roamer Boat Division built nearly 2000 boats out of steel (1500) and aluminum (461) in sizes ranging from 27' to 74'. Here are some photos of their more popular models: the 37' Riviera Express and 60' Flushdeck Motoryacht. There's a 46 Motoryacht for sale in Spain as we speak. For more information about Roamers see this website: Check out that fancy welding on the shadowbox transom of "Tin Tonic"

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