Photoluminescent powder mixed with resin

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Kailani, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Kailani
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    Kailani Senior Member

    Don't know if this has any possibilities for practical safety uses in a boat's laminate.

    It looks really neat anyway:

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  2. waikikin
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    Pretty cool stuff,
    I think Fastcats in SA was going to or did shoot some boats with glow particles, there was some rotomolded dinghies come out in glow as well. I considered it for a styling flash on my Seawind but couldn't justify the bucks for it... just chose a similar shade.
  3. Rurudyne
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    Rurudyne Senior Member

    As a matter of style it could be made to work and possibly provide some safty benefits for when the power is out. Decks, deck railings, hand holds and the like would be a good candidates for photoluminescent treatment. Inside a cabin I would suspect countertops and hand rails could help getting about without being too much. Private docks too, if not marina docks in general, would be a good candidate for safty reasons as well.

    Edit: I like the idea of a glowing dinghy but as with a GitD life preserver or life saver the soft glow these things give off may not be enough for use at night. For those why not tie in some of those glow stick tubes you bend and shake up?
  4. jehardiman
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    Eventually it wears out, that's why they make it in tape (and reflective) so it can be replaced.

  5. worksafeanne
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    2390 mm photo uminescent strips for boats

    Here's a new photo luminescent option for boats.

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