Peter Norlin (1941-2012), RIP

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    The famous and successful swedish IOR and sailboat designer Peter Norlin has sailed away at December 13th 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. He died from cancer, as other colleagues like Garry Mull and Alan Gurney did.
    Often named "Mr. Scampi", he designed the famous IOR Half Ton design "Scampi" which won the Half Ton Cup as a hattrick in 1969, 1970 and 1971, always helmed by Peter himself. Such a hattrick has never been seen before and again in the IOR, IMS or IRC scene.
    Other milestones include winning the Quarter Ton Cup with "Accent" in 1974 and the Three Quarter Ton Cup with "Regnbagen" in 1979.
    Norlin also penned a plethora of beautiful, fast and safe series production boats like Omega 42, Norlin 34, Stratus 36, Norlin 37, Avance 36 and Sweden Yachts from 34 to 70 feet:

    As a owner of both a Norlin 37 and a Stratus 36 (series production of prototype "Regnbagen" by Albin Marin, Sweden) since two decades, I highly appreciate the power of Peter NorlinĀ“s designs.
    Years ago, Peter was onboard our Norlin 37 "Orca", I will always remember him as a wonderful person and great sailor.
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    Peter designed some very fine boats. You mention he passed from cancer "as other colleagues like Garry Mull and Alan Gurney did". Do you think it was from the chemicals they worked with or was it just coincidence.

    In any case, RIP. His boats will sail on for many years to come.
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