personal submarine builders- AquaSub

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by packrat69, Oct 31, 2004.

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    And what is the price of such a finished sub Welmer ?

    How much would you sell your existing protoype for say ?
  2. Boston

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    you know I have to admit I always wanted Jacques Cousteau's submersible
    the diving saucer
    I think it would be simpler to operate since its already designed and has years of bugs worked out of it
    Im sure his son would be willing to cough em up if you asked
    its a saucer shape
    whats cooler than a flying saucer
    runs on scuba gear and a few deep cell batteries if I remember right and there is basic diagrams of it everywhere
    I think it could go to three hundred feet or something like that
    you guys might check it out
  3. Boston

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    the plans that is
    oh and the concrete sub
    gotta wonder if that thing would last ten seconds grounded
    Ive worked in concrete a lot and the stuff isnt as strong as you might think
    precast prestressed
    its a time bomb
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    Small Subs on Big Yachts

    This posting came up on another forum I subscribe to and I thought it might fit well here,

    There seems to be a lot of interest these days in basing small
    submersibles aboard large yachts. U.S. Submarines, Inc. in its 15
    year operating history has some significant experience in this area
    and our Triton series of luxury deep submersibles are the only small
    submersibles designed specifically to be yacht-based.

    We have developed an informative 18 page brochure that describes a
    number of issues associated with yacht based submersible operations.
    You can download the brochure here: (7.6 MB)
    or visit the Web site at

    We also have the world's first and only deep submersible pilot
    simulator at our Vero Beach, Florida facility. If you are interested
    in seeing what it's like to pilot a luxury deep submersible you are
    welcome to come by and try out the sim.

    Kind regards,

    L. Bruce Jones

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    Homebuilt Submarine by PowerSub (via Popular Link)

    Sorry, I've not built an AquaSub either. But also have thought it would be a good project. Although I never did order the plans. Can (telling my age,) recall when those plans were available for under $20US. If I had a proper site, w/ pool, I would still like to build an AquaSub.

    Back in 2004, I did get the plans for the semi-dry submersible designed by PowerSub Corp (©1995). Not sure if they are even still available via Popular Link, or not. The drawings/instructions package item ID is/was P-107. I would be interested if any-one (here?) has built one of these as a project. The info pack did not give the depth rating and such. As I am not an experienced diver, and a poor swimmer, so I never built one of these. Have you?

    After doing a Google, I could not locate Popular Link ( nor Nor PowerSub Corp, on the web. So it "might" be ok to post the PowerSub package on an archive site.
  6. Boston

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    dont feel bad
    I remember when gas was 29C a gallon
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    Submarine Yacht, etc...

    The "submarine yacht" cost would still be too high for me...only exception would be do-it-yourself plans which I did not see on the website. When I tried calculating axis calculations, it calculated the volume and did not go further...getting to the point...bottom line...HOW MUCH DOES IT COST??? Sorry, not helpful in my opinion.
    Also, diving to LESS than 300 feet, or even being able to remain only just below the surface is just fine (in this case how would electric motors powered by batteries recharged by wind/solar combination work?)
    I would want space for approximately 15 persons with full provision for long voyage...

    This looks very professional for self-built design...

    (Just thought this was neat also...)
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  8. tinhorn
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    I hope you guys will keep us posted on your projects. I think an Aqua-Sub would be a blast!

    From the pics, it seems the floats aren't quite balanced fore and aft.
  9. flyndrgn
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    Did you finish your Aqua Sub? I would like to talk to you about it. I'm getting ready to start mine. Thanks
  10. Boffingham
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  11. yotie
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    aquasub construction progress report

    hi Boffingham and all Aquasub fans,

    It has been a while since my last post. I've taken time off from my aquasub project to build a new home[much larger workshop]
    Construction will resume when i move in at the end of november. Am at the fibreglassing stage on the fuselage and the pontoons.The metalwork is all done as well as a lot of small subassemblies. Have ordered a custom blow-molded bubble for the canopy from a co. in the US.
    I have quite a few photos of construction that i will post when i am able to do so.The aquasub is a great project and I encourage those thinking about it to get a start,i also am willing to share info and ideas.

    best of luck

  12. rwatson
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    Well done. I watched a fascinating documentary a few weeks ago, about a UK sub builder who developed a wide view "bubble sub", and all the complications he encountered.

    After a lot of problems ( especially with the perspex bubble ), he successfully made dives on some english wrecks, as was his intention.

    He took his sub to a Naval compression testing lab in Scotland during construction. I wonder if they have someting similar in your part of the world ?

    Good luck, and kep at it.
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  13. Boston

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    this picture kinda says it all kids

  14. WickedGood

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    Whats that Guys name?

    I saw something on TV about the boat that he built. Took quite a few years and a few million if I recall but it sure looks nice.

    A small 2 man Wet Sub would not be that difficult to build.

    If you need a Consultant and Test Pilot give me a shout.
    I work for Reasonable Rates.

    You r Sub should be able to do somthing to earn its keep, not just be a toy to look at and go Ooooo Ahaaa.

    here are a few ideas

    1) Salvage
    2) Reconisance
    3) Surveys
    4) Scallop Catching

    Capt Walt

    Licenced Merchant Marine Officer

    Ex USN Nuke Ballistic Missle Submarines

    SCUBA Instructor.


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