Perkins 4-108 on a Volvo/Penta 280dp????

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by sailinphelan, Dec 14, 2008.

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    I have given up on my Ford V-8, (I had my V8!), does anyone know if the Perkins 4-108 with a flywheel cover that bolts to a Borg-Warner gearbox in a sailboat will bolt up to the Borg Warner adapter on the Volvo Penta 280dp, which previously had a Ford 302?

    I am just trying to mate these two if possible. I will deal with the gear ratio issues later.

    I am trying to do it with available parts if possible.

    Thanks PJ
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    nobody replied so I am
    Your(cover) is called and bellhousing, it is rated SAE 1 ,2,3,or 4, I dunno which the 408 had but download from Volvo the dwg of the drive housing,which has the splines in and then compare the mtg holes for the Warner gear with that, if the pcd does not match then take the bell housing(for warner) to a machine shop, with the dwg from Volvo and they will set it up and redrill to suit
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