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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Chris Ostlind, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Now here is a boat class to feast your eyes upon.

    Volvo Extreme 40 catamarans with astounding top end speeds, low speed hull flying potential and they fit comfortably into a standard, ocean cargo container.

    Sorry to say, they will set you back more than the 15 large of the other, People's boat, but you can have flying fun at unbelievable speeds today with a proven craft that delivers on the promise of, how much bang for the flying buck.

    After the first cluster of races, American driver, Randy Smyth is leading in the points with the next race event slated for the waters off Rio this week while the big Volvo Ocean Race boats get their in-port service taken care of.

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    My Dream Girl

    Wow, those pics caused an increased blood flow to a particular small apendage. Did you ever see the Tom Rowland design Nacra prototype. It had 36 ft hulls and blasting speed. How much does the new girl cost? Can you imagine it with foils? Yeah Baby!
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