Penguin 210 Contessa Build up.

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by technophile, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    Just registered and this is my first post.

    Couldn't afford to by a full boat, so I bought a third of one. I got it cheap enough and with the hope of turning it into a serious offshore machine. My plans are to turn it into a centre console or a centre cab.

    So, at the moment it is all a bit of a mess. Not sure of the year of the hull and it used to be a stern drive. All of the wood in the floor was wet and rotten, so that had to come out.

    I have never done this before so any help would really be much appreciated. I probally have taken on a task a bit too big, but i hope to learn along the way

    I would also appreciate it if someone would be able to help me with the centre cab design. what i am after is a cab big enough for two people to sit in, dry storage space and previsions for a porta potty.

    any other design ideas would also be handy, in terms of clever storage ideas and things that you would incorporate in to a boat if you were building it from the ground up.

    So now that the stringers have been stripped and removed, what is next in terms of preping the hull surface for the new ones and how should i do it?


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    hi technophile i can help you with all the above i live in perth and regualy post on fish wrecked my self pm me on that site. cheers nico
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    I don't know Australian boats well -- what was it originally?
    This will make a nice center console when you are done with it. Buying materials retail will cost you more than buying a boat in better shape to begin with. It will mean more to you though and you have the opportunity to do an unusual layout if you have unusual requirements. Can't see the stern -- will you power with a single outboard?
    For attaching the stringers, grind down to solid glass and get rid of anything loose or surface coatings.

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    Presumably it was a "Penguin 210 Contessa" :D
    A brand from Western Australia possibly, not well known in the East.
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