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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by biggest_kid, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Yes i am now looking at a motorized punt, seeing as what i want to achieve cannot be done with pedal power.

    Most of the actual bowfishing will be done in a protected area sort of like a bay. Well its not really that protected but every time i have been there swimming it has been very flat. However the only place to put a boat in is around a headland at a popular fishing jetty and then to cruise to my spot.

    Crocs shouldnt be a problem in a small motorized punt bigger than 3m, so i can pretty much count that out. Holding steady for stable shots with my bow is a must, and a bit of room to walk around in is good for chasing those fish that might swim under or next to the boat. Self righting isn't a high priority.

    One thing i did want to do however, is maybe purchase a punt with a cast deck installed on the bow. This way i could attach my own elevated shooting platform to the cast deck, or if the punt didnt have a cast deck, where the cast deck would usually go. This platform would be no more than 2 foot high and would give me better visibility into the water and further visibility away from the boat. Lots of bowfishermen in the US do this, and it is highly recommended for a bowfishing boat.

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    The catamaran format does indeed give a hugely stable platform, and the hands free nature of the pedal power means you have great control. I am no fisherman, but the pedal drive(s) allow you to drift back on the tide, and then gently pedal back up the stream to drift back again, in amongst rocks, with great ease. My boat uses dart 18 hulls - chosen over other small cats because the flat decks to the hulls allowed easy construction of the platform between the hulls.
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