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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by George Poszich, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Greeting to everyone,

    I just recently acquired Ensign #1754, and am currently in the process of converting an old Load-Rite twin axle motor boat trailer to haul it with. The boat is in the water on Lake Norman in Charlotte NC, I'm in Lewisburg, WV. I'll be bringing the Ensign home for some renovations and then plan on delivering it to my son in Jacksonville, FL when completed.

    I've looked at endless photos of Ensign boat trailers, the photos in Tim Lackey's Ensign #1212 restoration website was very helpful. I'm thinking I have part of this figured out, here's what I've decided so far. My trailer is 24' long, there are two structural cross braces centered for and aft of the two twin axles that are 7' apart, that's 3.5' from a theoretical centerline that between the two axles. I plan on installing my four poppets on the ends of these two cross members that measure 66" in total length, the poppet base will be 5' apart from left to right, with two braces on a 45deg angle +/- supporting the poppets both side to side & forward and aft on the trailer frame. I've custom fabricated my four poppets, when fully collapsed they are 24" with the ability to extend to 36" and with an additional screw adjustment that will expand the poppet to 42". The 7' spacing on by trailer cross braces will be just about right to have the front pair of poppets at the very front of the keel where the flat bottom begins to sweep upward toward the boats bow.
    The second set of poppets would be 7' back of that and fall in the middle of the rudder area. A third adjustable poppet would catch the bow of the boat just below the water line.

    I'm think the poppet locations in this scenario should adequately support the boat for long distance trailering. In addition to the poppets I'll be installing a rail for the keel to rest on, it will be 8' in length and rest on the two structural cross braces mentioned earlier with an additional cross brace at 3.5 between the two outer cross braces. Here's my question, is the flat bottom of the Ensign keel parallel to the boats waterline, or is it raked upwards toward the bow, if so by how much? I would like for the waterline of the boat to parallel the roadway surface when trailered.

    Please forgive the long winded explanation, it's an effort to paint an accurate mental image of what I'm trying accomplish. The unfortunate part is the boats in the water in Charlotte and I never had a chance to take measurements of its bottom, so I'm guessing where all these thing go, so that when I arrive in Charlotte the boat will actually fit on my trailer.

    Any advice or help would be grately appreciated.

    George Poszich
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