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    I have a Pearson Ensign sailboat with rotten cockpit boards throughout. All teak needs to be replaced and most of the seats. I have the designs for the sailboat. I would like some guidance with the boards that run underneath near the bilge area. I'm thinking of using oak, but is that too heavy for the boat. I have blue prints that I ordered will guide me with the cockpit boards. I need to know what size are the ones are underneath that....

    Please help.
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    I would suggest touching base with the Pearson 22 Facebook group to see if any other owners can share their results.

    Pearson 22

    If you don't have any luck, closely examine the cockpit boards to determine the original type of wood. If it's comparable in weight to a hardwood like oak you should be OK with swapping it out. I would suggest white oak, which is the preferred oak species for most wooden boat construction purposes. I have used white oak a lot for boat frames. It's quite rigid and rot resistant. Cut them to fit as precisely as possible (per blueprint) and bond in place with fiberglass and a good structural filler like West 404. If you coat them well you can worry less about future rotting.

    Always keep the boat well drained, covered and dry when not in use. Submerged wood will inevitably get wet again.

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