Pearson 39 good or bad design

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Peter44, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Can some one please tell me more about these boats as im looking at buying one.
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    Pearson 39

    The boat looks great...but I dunno...something caught my eye in the top photo of one of the brochure photos MP posted that don't seem quite shipshape to me, namely the two guys at the stern so...overall...don't think it's quite the right boat for me...butt to each his own... just sayin...:rolleyes:;)

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    Pearsons have a good reputation.
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    I recently bought a 1976 Pearson 39 Yawl in New Jersey. My brother and I sailed her to New Orleans last summer. She still has the original Westerbeke 4107 and it runs like a top. The boat is solid, I ran her under power from Sandy Hook NJ to Indian Town FL.
    I motored into some pretty big seas when I had to and she was very "sea kindly". After negotiating the Indiantown bridge with the help of Billy the boat tipper, I finally got to reach with all sails in a fresh breeze across Lake Okeechobee and everyone on board was delighted. We started out across the Gulf from Cape Coral close reaching in 10-15kts of breeze. We were doing hull speed with a full jib and single-reefed main. I locked the wheel and she sailed herself for the first day. The wind backed the second day out and freshened to about 25kts. With over 100 miles of fetch, the seas were getting steep and yaw had become a factor that demanded more active steering from the helm. I alleviated this problem by dropping the main and sailing under jib and mizzen. In this configuration it was much easier to keep the jib filled as we were deep-reaching. I think the mizzen acted as an air rudder and balanced the boat much better than if we had no mizzen at all. We were able to once again lock the wheel off and she sailed us home at a pretty impressive speed.
    The boat was comfortable for the two, or at times three of us for a month, the interior isn't mahogany, but its bright and cheery, has plenty of storage and is easy to keep clean. She is still stiff and fast at 37 years old. I am very pleased with the boat it is everything I could have wanted and more. I am sure she will take home some trophies if she is well sailed.

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    Well it depends on which 39 you're interested in the Person 39 (1970 - '85) or the 39-2 (1986 - '90). The first generation of this boat (both by bill Shaw) was typical of the first gen IOR's, with their traits and the then fashionable "fish fin" appendages. The 39-2 is a much better boat in every regard, though this have their issues too.

    Person has a good rep, but the best advise you can receive is to have her carefully looked over by a surveyor familiar with this type, as any boat can range in quality and condition, for many reasons and you need to know, what and where to look.
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