PDStrip, free strip theory program

Discussion in 'Software' started by Martijn_vE, May 10, 2006.

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    CWTeebs AnomalyGenerator

    I'm having trouble finding any documentation about the underlying theory. Is it similar to VisualSMP?
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    The underlying theory for PD-Strip is well documented, and is available from the software repository. Here : http://opendynamics.cvs.sourceforge...pdstrip/doc/pdstrip_documentation.ps?view=log

    The thoery behind openDynamics is quite detailed for each individual component. Essentially, it is based on adding up all the forces at each point on the components, then moving the model accordingly. Each component will have it's own detailed theory, which will be described separately (for waves, foils, hull etc). openDynamics is not based on a strip-theory method. It is (primarily) a time-domain, volumetric method.

    In conclusion, pdStrip is similar to VisualSMP (just without most of the visual at the moment), and openDynamics isn't at all similar.

    Hope this helps,

    Tim B.

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    seakeeper vs pdstrip

    Dear Gtampier:

    I found your post really interesting. Do you have the geometry and results for this barge? We are having problems matching a similar case with both codes.



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