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Discussion in 'Software' started by Armada, May 17, 2005.

  1. Armada
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    Armada Junior Member

    Can anybody advise navigation software to use on my laptop with a good price that shows the coasts of Turkey instead of purchasing a chart plotter
  2. yokebutt
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    yokebutt Boatbuilder

    Look at the birds behaviour, feel the waves, feel the wind, look for clouds on the horizon indicating land, check your depth frequently, see whats floating in the water around you, and, most importantly, at all times, keep a good looking girl on top of your lap.

    Yoke-butt of many jokes.
  3. yipster
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    yipster designer

    tsunami is good but not free. there is also win-gps and other free software
  4. Smarten
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    Smarten Junior Member

    Seaclear II


    I would recommend to try SeaclearII at www.sping.com/seaclear/ it's free and features rich. It's very easy to interface with GPS via NMEA but it also support (via an additional software transparently integrated) most of proprietary protocols enabling you share (downloading/uploading) easily waypoints list, routes, etc.

    I used for about 50 consecutive hours during a 600 mg. transfer in difficult waters and it show an excellent stability and an acceptable good night mode to preserve your visual acutance the dark.

    The only problem I faced was related to a well know odd behaving of Win XP that recognizes the GPS NMEA input as a Ballpoint or Serial Mouse. The fix is available at www.waterwayradio.net/Wildcursorfix.htm.

    This software support a lot of raster chart formats very economical and easy to find on the net also for Med and I guess Turkey.

    Good sailing


  5. Armada
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    Armada Junior Member

    Thank you guys for the leads. I will check these connections and will try to understand them first. If anything comes up that I can not sort out, I'll ask in the forum again
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