PBY as personal yacht in 1950s

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Squidly-Diddly, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Playboy magazine had one. and Custou had one( in his diving TV series) and his son died in it when he crashed. Also, a couple of large resorts had some. It was not an unfriedly aircraft to fly but you had to moniter your speed and weight carefully. If it stalled the engines needed time and altitude to spool up to full power. Just like the San Francisco accident in a B- 777 So. Korean air line.
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    That's a great link, Thanks
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    I have flown in a couple of different kinds of flying boats or float planes, they make deceptivly simple looking take off and landings. There are several commercial float plane services around here because of the amount of navical water in this area, and several times a year there are reports of the experienced commercial sea plane pilots cartwheeling or rolling one over on landing. Things can go wrong in a hurry when landing on water, I would rather land on a runway, thank you.
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    I've contemplated a WIG/Ekranoplan for getting up the coast in a hurry..20' off the water.

    But the price to build/design/certify would be astronomical,and buying an old Russian unit to bring here would be as well.
  6. dskira

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    Fantastic, the airplane (not talking the models) is very sexy ;)
    Thank you for the link. sad end.
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    I've heard of a few Gruman Gooses that have been turned into "RV" type planes. Not sure what Jimmy Buffett' goose was like inside, but he had three of them according to this:


    I always thought the PBY would be a great platform for private use, way cool thanks for the link

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    My favorite is this one with the 'drop tank' jet skis!

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    yeah, and for land based missions you could hang motorcycles.....

    or one bike and one PWC for mixed missions, or a couple of my combo-motorcycle/PWC designs (see my gallery)
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    That is what happens when you think it is just a boat .... with wings.

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    I've always loved old seaplanes. This article was a pleasure to read, and look at. Thanks for the post.
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