Paul Elvström, 1928-2016, RIP

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by IOR, Dec 8, 2016.

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    Maybe the best small boat sailor who ever lived. The go to guru for many of us older guys.
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    Paul Elvstrom

    Great inspiration to me! I built a hiking bench thanks to Mr. Elvstrom -helped a lot! Thanks for everything, Paul.......
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    For many of us he was a hero and an inspiration.
  5. Doug Lord
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    Paul Elvstrom

    From Letters to the editor, Scuttlebutt, tonight:

    THE GREAT DANE (#4726)

    I knew Paul well due to our relationship with the Finn and our respective hardware. He certainly was the greatest of sailors for a very long time and will be missed by the sailing world. I can still remember him sailing past the rest of us in the Finn while we were saving our strength and taking it easy for the almost two hour upwind sail to the course at Kiel Week many years ago, while he was hiking straight legged all the way just to intimidate all of us and he did; he won and he won time and again. Man, what a legend!
    - Peter Harken

    Pride is the first thing that comes into my mind. Having had the privilege of working with Paul Elvstrøm, and some of us at Elvstrøm Sails even under his leadership, has been a unique inspiration and fills us with pride.
    At Elvstrøm Sails in Aabenraa we have seen and felt his innovative approach first hand and experienced his search for excellence in everything he set his mind to. An uncompromising attitude to quality and functionality characterized Paul Elvstrøm and we are grateful to have such a heritage as our platform.
    To me personally Paul has been a huge inspiration in our mutual passion for sailing. He has truly set his footprint into the heart of sailors all over the world and into the heart of sailing.
    Paul Elvstrøm was first and last honest and genuine no matter with whom he interacted. You always knew his point of view and with his disarming manners he had his own very unique way of handling any situation.”
    At Elvstrøm Sails we will do our outmost to carry on his legacy with his spirit and based on his values, making sure Paul Elvstrøm´s DNA stays in our products and our company for the future.
    Dear Paul, we will make sure you will always be able to enjoy your proud sail loft no matter from where you will be watching and following us.
    - Jesper Bank, Elvstrøm Sails

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    One of the most admired sailors, producers, inspirers for all we small boat sailors. May he rest in peace.
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