Patin Catalan piece in current Seahorse Magazine

Discussion in 'Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics' started by Paul Scott, Mar 29, 2024.

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    Can anyone explain the article? The diagrams seem to indicate crew moving one way, whilst the description say crew are moving the other. (There is also the phrase ‘swinging dinghy style’ :confused: (?)). I’ve spent many training hours sailing dinghies without a rudder, as well as windsurfers and hobie 14s, and according to the Seahorse article, I’ve had parts of things backwards? (Although many’s the time I’ve felt not qualified to even read Seahorse…)
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    What article do you speak of Paul?

    EDIT: Oh, there it is in the thread title!
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    If it is allowed by the @Boat Design Net Moderator it would be useful if you could post a copy of the article in Seahorse, as I am sure that very few people on this Forum subscribe to it.
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    The only concern is if it violates an author's or publisher's copyright, please do not attach it here as it could get the forum into trouble. So if it's under copyright, please get specific permission from the author/publisher before posting.
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    There is no copyright issue with fair use of an *excerpt* of an article if you want to post a pic of the image and description that you are asking about. Also, please give the actual issue number/date and article title/page number in case it’s available online.
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