Passed:Dec 10 2010 Hugo Hein a great sailor and very decent man

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    I learned yesterday of the passing of Hugo Hein last December.
    Anyone with a love of classic sailing ships and yachts will probably know Hugo and his passion for sail.

    Hugo was ex Navy, and ran a very informal brokerage that focused on classic sail. Hugo was the sought of person that if he had a euro he'd lend it. if he made a euro, great if he didn't it didn't matter, he was doing something he loved being involved with.

    He was a very knowledgeable and generous man and a friend who's contribution will be missed by all those who sail.
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    I wasn't familiar with Hugo Hein, but he sounds like the sort of person we can ill afford to lose. No, the world won't end with him. But it'll be a bit diminished....
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