Partial Skeg/Semi-Spade Rudder with Downward Slope and Ceramic Blade

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Bahama, Jul 18, 2010.

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    I've been reading about partial skeg (also called semi-spade) rudders; they are supposed to provide some of the efficiency of a full spade rudder with the protection of a full skeg.

    The only complaint that I see is that ropes can sometimes get caught in between where the skeg and rudder meet.

    I was curious if anyone has ever sloped that joint forward and downward from the aft--that way if a rope did catch, it would stand a better chance of just sliding down and off.

    And it would also be possible to mount a ceramic blade into that joint so that any rope would simple be cut... even wires would be cut with a ceramic blade because it's harder than they are, and it would keep its edge for a long long time unless it was cracked by some very strong cable (that would cause more damage to the rudder, so you wouldn't be sweating over the cracked blade).

    If you've ever used a ceramic blade, they are incredible how strong and sharp they are. Just a thought.
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