Papers on high speed craft

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    I am looking for the following papers:

    Hadler J.B.: The prediction of power performance on planing craft, Trans. SNAME 74 (1966)

    Hadler J.B.; Hubble E.N.: Prediction of the power performance of the Series 62 Planing Hull forms. SNAME 79 (1971) pp 366-404

    Peck J.G; Moore D.H.: Inclined shaft propeller performance characteristics, SNAME paper, Spring Meeting, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, April 1973.

    Does anybody have these as PDFs :?:
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    Sure. SNAME does. I believe they have scanned just about all of their journal articles and Transaction pieces into Acrobat format. You can order directly from their website and receive the papers in your e-mail. If you are a member, you get to select up to 20 free papers each year.
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