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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by joeshark, Apr 12, 2006.

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    joeshark New Member

    we are seeking plans for Panga with placat hull in length of 31 ft or larger. Plans for 25'+ would be ok, too. The only plans we have found so far was for 25' deep V hull. We have seen pictures of large Pangas from Japan but can't find any plans for these boats. any info would be apreciated, Thanks, Capt. Joel
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    I see these boats in florida. but not in the New England area. Is it because they are new in this area. Are they wet and do they pound ,or just not good for this area.
  3. eightwgt
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    I have just completed preliminary plans for a 27' PANGA designed to be built stitch and glue....

    I am building a scale model to work out issues then proceeding to a full size boat in my shop.

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    bateau boats have quite a few different length panga boats drawn up for plans, up to 33ft i think, quite a few piccies available of the finished boats too
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