Panel flow code for VPP matrix computation?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Adam Persson, Nov 28, 2013.

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    I am looking for a suitable panel flow code for computing VPP speed/heel/resistance matrix for a sailing yacht. I currently have the ability to do RANS-based CFD for free-surface problems but these take far to long time to solve for the method to be used for VPP matrix calculation.

    Do you have any ideas what a suitable software might be?
    I do not really need wave elevation plots, just resistance figures for a number of different speeds and heel angles. The hulls are designed in Orca3D, so some way of transferring the geometry from there is needed.
    The hulls to be analysed have L/B ratio of 5, so I don't think Michlet is suitable...

    I am a student, and this is purely non-commercial work, so preferably the software should be very low cost/free.

    Thank you,
    Adam Persson
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    Try FINE/Marine from NUMECA

    I realize this is an old post. But since it popped on one on my online searches, I thought it would be OK to add a comment.

    Adam, in what University are you? Maybe your head of group could get in touch with NUMECA-USA and ask about academic price of FINE/Marine. This is a CFD code that performs very well and has a wizard to setup VPP matrix.

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