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    Hello, I am new here and have been reading numerous posts and articles about painting boats. I was given a 1973 Chrysler Sport Fury and I would like to repaint it. The boat structure is in great condition, but the paint is the original yellow that has faded over the years.

    I will probably only have this boat out on the water (fresh water, Illinois and Texas) about once a week during the summer. Other than that it will be stored on its trailer with a boat cover or in storage.

    I have seen several posts where people have said that it is unnecessary to apply an antifouling bottom paint in situations like mine. Is this true?

    I have been looking at using Interlux paints. From my research I think I might try useing Interlux Brightside. If what I have read is correct I will first need to clean the boat with acetone. Then I will need to sand it, clean it again with some special wash, apply a few coats of primer (Interlux Pre-Kote) and then 2-3 coats of the Brightside. Am I on the right track?Are there any steps im leaving out? I have also read that I will need to use buffing compound and buff the boat once I have finished painting it.

    To combat wear from being stored and taken on and off the trailer I have thought about putting a keelshield on the bottom. It has a cathedral hull so this is the major point where it can be damaged. Is this a good idea?

    Sorry for the long post I just have been reading many different things and want to know my best option. Thanks!
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