Painting for rc boat

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Elvis58, Oct 24, 2014.

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    Elvis58 New Member

    Who can tell me where i can get metalic flace spray and glossy spray on net. I am thankfull for help.... my mail are .
  2. messabout
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    In the US a good source is I suspect that shipping would make the paint too expensive.

    I have done several models with automotive paint. You can get almost any variety or color combinations from your automotive paint supplier. The auto paint is very durable, especially the two part urethanes, but needs to be applied with a spray gun. I'd explore that option first. It may be possible to find some leftover paint at your automobile paint and body shops. If so the price should be favorable to you.
  3. Ike
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    This is from an RC Model building website, post to a similar question as yours.

    "You can use solvent based paints, even rattle cans like Krylon, Duplicolor, and Rustoleum and "color sand" (that is sand them wet from 800 on down to 2500 and then polish with a metal polish or swirl remover from your local auto parts store) but you will have to wait as long as two weeks for the paint to fully harden enough before sanding. IME, Rustolem takes the longest to fully cure."

    What really counts is the base you create first so that you make sure the paint will adhere.
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