Painting 34' Open Aluminum Hull - Questions...

Discussion in 'Materials' started by blacklab, Oct 23, 2007.

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    We're starting to do a 34' Center Console but have never painted any of our aluminum alloy hulls.

    I think that we're going to paint the inside/cockpit on this new boat but am looking for options.

    Any suggestions as to products, systems, non-skid, application, prep would be helpful.

    Thank you in advance for any ideas.

    Jay Perrotta
    Black Lab Plate Alloy Boats
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    here is how I do mine, with no comebacks:))
    orbital sand with 80 grit, then fast foam acid wash(garden spray type application) Before the surface is totally dry, apply alodyne from bottom up again thsi MUST be applied thru a plastic sprayer the surface then should look like burnished bronze , this shows a good take
    The alodyne with stop all oxidisation, immediately Then at you leisure apply
    your barrier coat, 270 microns dft below waterline, and say half that above IF YOU ARE GOING TO FAIR THE HULL, If not then apply all the barrier to topsides, then your undercoat as recommended, then finally your shining top coat, Internation Paints intespray 900 is very expensive BUT lasts and last, but these hard linear urathanes can not be cut and polished later
    there is a very good product we all use, to go over the bare alloy under the water, 75microns wet, which is then overcoated with the barrier coat, which lets you use copper antifouls, trouble is I forget the name!!! but all the superyachts use it, enables 2 year antifoul periods
    from earlier post
    not really On alloy boats now we use copper antifoul, as do all the major superyacht builders this we achieve by using ZECA primer first over the bare alloy, they won't say whats in it but buy the feel its zinc rich, then 300 microns epoxy then the copper,
    will be same for steel , call ZECA OR ALTEX PAINTS OR DEVOE
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