painted battery box and underwater extensions

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    Box is coated with Black PL and black 5200, they actually can coexist.
    I figure will help with acid spill better than paint.

    Got the extension painted up pretty, will attach them thursday.
    The black is Micron Extra. The blue - green is BEHR semigloss paint + primer in one. It is the same as my boot stripe.
    So I have white hull, blue-green boot stripe and red bottom.
    My boat name is Old Glory, so It fits.



    I suppose I like these extensions, they cut out much of any fumes as the exhaust goes underwater.
    One concern was restriction, another they seem noisier when up on the fly bridge at slightly above idle, I think the water and exhaust gas make a vibration noise.
    It is not noticeable on the main level and I could be wrong as to what that noise is about.

    Any experience with these hard rubber extensions? These are in good shape from the late 1960's!
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