paint choices for Bass Boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by MarkOrge, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. MarkOrge
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    MarkOrge Junior Member

    Since this is working so well.....I am considering using s "sanding gel" only on the mold that will produce the aformentioned 16' Bass Boat (see "resin choices")

    Next question is, I am wanting a great paint job, and am considering using a nice Candy Apple Red from House of Kolor. This would be applied by my local and very qualified body shop. Any concerns with this choice? Must I use "marine piant" ??

    The boat will be on the trailer in the garage through the week, and other then daytime or weekends will only have extended time in the water max 1 or 2 weeks straight at holiday time each year.
  2. TeddyDiver
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    TeddyDiver Gollywobbler

    It boils down how long you wan't the paint stand against the elements. Reckon with a seasonally used Bass Boat reg car paint and UV lacquered works well..
  3. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Yacht paint is flippin' expensive.
    I've heard that plain old exterior oil-based house paint is popular in some fishing towns. It only lasts a couple of seasons but is so cheap that you can repaint every couple of years and still be spending less than you would for top-grade yacht polyurethane. Doesn't look mirror-smooth though, and it's easily scuffed.... a problem for a fancy yacht, but just fine for a working fishboat.
    Properly primed, cured and clearcoated, I would expect car paint in the conditions mentioned above to last just as long as it does on a car, if not longer.
  4. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    Auto body paint is more than satisfactory if you use the right type. Do not use the system commonly referred to as "top coat/clear coat. It is not nearly as durable on a boat as two part urethane, which is also an auto body paint. I have used urethanes on numerous boats and will match it against even the best and most expensive marine paints. It is not cheap but it is less expensive than so called marine paints. Your body shop guy will know about two part urethanes.

    Marshmatt is correct that ordinary acrylic latex house paint is a satisfactory paint for boat hulls. You have indicated that "pretty" is one of the aims. House paint will not have the gloss or smoothness that you probably want. House paint is very appropriate for boat interiors. Most of us do not want glossy interiors. House paint must have an extended drying period before being exposed to least two weeks. Given adequate curing time, it will last a very long time either inside or outside.
  5. eponodyne
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    eponodyne Senior Member

    House of Kolor makes some darn good products. Just... in the interests of your safety and that of those around you... no metalflake please!!
  6. MarkOrge
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    MarkOrge Junior Member

    Thanks EP. The look I am going for is a deep gloss candy apple red, no flake though. I would be shot by my colleagues and likely many on this forum, I love the style and look of a sleek low bass boat but have always thought that metal flake looks hokey.

    I have to ask, what is the safety concern?

  7. robherc
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    robherc Designer/Hobbyist

    Getting flashed in the eyes by the flakes, I'm guessing...could be bad for navigation, whereas the chines of the boat being angled downward wouldn't produce much eye-glare...just make the surface of the water look candy-apple-red ;)

    ...but I'm just guessing here
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