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    Looking for paddle wheel design references, I found in Principles of Naval Architecture (PNA) Vol II that the references to look for are:
    Volpich, J. and Bridge, I.C. (1954-1957), "Paddle Wheels - Part I, II and II," IESS, 1954/55, 1955/56 and 1956/57.

    A little digging showed that:
    IESS is Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland,
    and 1954/55 is vol. 98, 1955/56 vol. 99 and 1956/57 vol. 100.

    The reason I'm posting here is in case someone else is looking for these references, thinking that there's no way you'll find a copy of them unless you travel to a specialized library to photocopy the original transactions (like I was thinking just moments ago)... fret not, they are digitized an freely available online!

    IES has digitized all their transactions and posted them online for open access. You only need to create a free account and start downloading them:
    Part I: Paddle Wheels: Pt.1: Preliminary Model Experiments · IES Library
    Part II: Paddle Wheels: Part II: Systematic Model Experiments · IES Library
    Part III: Paddle Wheels: Further Model Experiments & Ship/Model Correlation · IES Library
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