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    paani cat paani cat

    Aloha to All

    thank you for the responce regarding paani cat, I wanted to let you know that i have been in contact with Barry Choy, Choy Design and sent him photo's of the cat. His responce was that he thought it did not look like one of theirs but he would give a look into the archives. I have also spoken to one of the previous owners and still contends that it is a Csk cat but has been substantially modified in the bow and stearn. The beauty of this forum is that if it is not a csk design maybe we will find the truth.

    Alot of folks are looking at the photos and if you have any ideas please pass
    them on. since i have the cat stage at the work area i will send some details of the work done to the cat so we can get to the bottom of "So how is that cat" just kidding, my hand goes out to the builder. I really like the detail in the interior of the hulls, alot of work for a simple cat.

    paani cat,
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