Oz ACMA proposing changes to sunsetting legislation

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    18 April 2017

    Sunsetting radiocommunications determination—have your say

    The ACMA is seeking public comment on the remaking of two radiocommunications determinations:

    > Radiocommunications (Register of Radiocommunications Licences) Determination 1997 (RRL Determination)
    > Radiocommunications (Unacceptable Levels of Interference – 2GHz Band) Determination 2016 (2GHz Determination).

    The RRL Determination sets out the contents about spectrum, apparatus and class licences that need be included in the Register for public inspection. The RRL Determination will sunset on 1 October 2017, unless it is revoked and remade before that date. The ACMA is proposing to remake the RRL Determination in a new instrument without any significant change before 1 October 2017, so that its ongoing effect is preserved.

    Due to the minor changes proposed in the RRL Determination, it is necessary to vary the 2GHz Determination to ensure it accurately references corresponding provisions in the proposed RRL Determination. This will ensure the 2GHz Determination continues to operate as intended.

    Interested parties are invited to make a submission on the consultation paper by close of business Tuesday 11 July 2017.

    The consultation paper, associated material and submission details are on the ACMA website.
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