outrigger canoe sailing rig

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Canoemaker, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Idea is to modify an oc-1 with head sail only rig jib,genoa,genaker or some similar sail.
    As he canoes& kayak are very limited in many terms ,many compromises are acceptable.
    Boat should remain 90%paddling craft so as the ama is small and there is no daggerboard ,sailing upwind is more or less not going to work ,so why not make it a fun downwind craft.Triak and Raptor16 are more sailing boats than paddle boats.
    Ideally only small modifications and some deck gear should be enough so keeping the boat light and paddlable as before while enabling some sailing fun. Boat on the sketch has a freestanding 3.2m mast raked back cca 12° to keep the sail plan closer to the boat centre genaker on the pict is 6.5m2 probably to big but i have light airs mostly over here,a proper genoa could do better.
    So open for any ideas and sugestions
  2. messabout
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    The sail you mention is far too big for a canoe or kayak. The mast is also much taller than one would desire to have on a canoe. two square meters is about all you will comfortably enjoy. A sail of that size can be carried on a Gunter type mast whose lengths are no more than one meter.
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    If all you want to do is go downwind take a large umbrella with you, folds up & fits under the deck.
  4. dinoa
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    For downwind sailing try a windpaddle circular sail. I trashed 3 umbrelas last year and then tried a windpaddle on my sea tiger inflatable kayak. I also use it on a chesapeake 16.

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  5. BWD
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    For an oc-1 definitely a smaller, single sail would be a better idea.
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    I would go with a square sail...in fact I did. I used a Sprit sail with a sprit boom on mine. Keep the center of effort low , the spars low and you have less heeling and less problems.

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