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Discussion in 'Outboards' started by muddin redneck, May 28, 2010.

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    muddin redneck DO IT IN THE MUD!!!

    i have a 1980ish 70hp johnson outboard 2-stroke. it has tilt and trim, and a side console, stainless steel prop kinda dinged up. does anyone have any idea about how much it would be worth if i sold it? i runs good i just wanted a different motor so im wanting to sell this one.
    any input would be greatly appreciated
  2. Easy Rider
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    I had one about the same. I bought a new Suzuki for my 18' FG outboard and needed to unload the 70hp Evinrude. I tried and tried to sell it and in the end I gave it to a dealer ..and had to push him to take it. More than anything I just wanted to see it used .. it was an OK engine. This is probably not what you want to hear and in your area things may be better but most likely in 2 words my answer to your question is .. not much.

    Easy Rider
  3. gonzo
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    I think that $250-300 is about fair.
  4. Stumble
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    Strangly these larger old motors just aren't worth much. The problem is that even a 'free' one comes with a list of potential maintenance problems a mile long, and most boaters who have limited time on the water don't want to be stuck working on the engines instead of using the boat.

    However if you happen to have an old 2 stroke light weight motor they are heavily in demand from sailboat racers. Something like a 2hp 25lbs motor is running in the $750 range if it runs regardless of age.
  5. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    Ebay can provide the answer. Put it up for sale starting at 1$ and one week from now you'll know exactly what it is worth.
  6. Guest62110524

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    tee hee CDK
    Right , well almost, I have a wonderful car, bought in UK, 0 5mondeo diesel estate, does 5l 100km, worth 13k eu in Germany if was LHD, 18000 dollars here, , best bid UK was 2600 pounds, stuff that, I left it in Koln right you guys, old 2 strokers are not worth scrap , unless as you men say they a re dinghy motors or auxillarys for sailing boats, but then you need Ultra long shaft or folding bkt

  7. Bglad
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    nadaguides.com says about $60 US
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