outboard with prop ,switch to jet

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by dooley, May 27, 2007.

  1. dooley
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    dooley New Member

    I recently purchased a 19 aluma weld formmula vee with a 1995 150hp 2.0l mercury that came with a prop but also have the jet unit that came with the boat. Thinking of swapping them over but have not been able to find a manual that will cover this. Looks pretty straight foward but was wondering if there was somebodey out there with some insight into this .
  2. StianM
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    StianM Senior Member

    Why would you want to trow away a prop and install waterjet instead?

    Less speed with the same engine and worse fuel economy.

    Unless you want to use it some places where the water could be shalow or full off debris or have a fasination for manoverabilety I see no reason for the switch.
  3. redtech
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    redtech Senior Member

    dooley, best bet call outboard jet in san leandro, there the one that mad the jet see if you can get them to send you a manual, if not yes it is straight forward
    this is california so same time zone

  4. RAWRF
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    RAWRF Junior Member

    It is very easy, but before you switch it over you want to make sure the jet unit is fully functional and the impeller is adjusted/shimmed correctly, and that the water pump, especially the impeller, looks sound and is not locked up around the driveshaft from corrosion or other. Lube every moving part and put it on. I am not an expert, but I used to have a 70hp Merc that I switched from jet to prop back and forth a lot. There are a few websites dedicated to jet units, you should look them over.
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