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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by captoghog, Aug 19, 2007.

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    Hello to all, I have a 25 steiger w/ gill bracket,
    because I have the full transom I am considering turning boat into a straight diesel inboard.I have access to some engines and gears and am wondering where I would find out all the other info I need to make this a solid conversion.
    Thanks for any and all advice
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  3. captoghog
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    captoghog New Member

    Thank You Sir, I have that book which I purchased quite a few yrs ago, I am trying to locate it, it has plenty of needed items for such a transformation.
    One of my biggest concerns is Engine angle.This factor will set the pace for shaft and strut dimensions,which in turn will give me some ideas on what size gear I can use and how big a wheel I can swing. I would like to use a reduction and a bigger wheel if possible. Thanks for the information, tog
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    You first figure out what propellor you will use, where the engine needs to be for best weight distribution and then see if you can come close and still have room at the stern for the rudder etc. If the engine gets too far forward you may have to resort to a v-drive transmission. These factors will determine your shaft angle. And the shaft angle can be pretty steep and still not lose a lot of efficiency. It is a lot of trouble to go to if you already have a perfectly good outboard motor.

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    I am assuming that the boat is a 25 footer. I have an inboard and thinking if my inboard engine gives up the ghost I will convert to outboard.

    The reason being that the engine takes up deck space as it can not all be contained below deck.

    An exercise that you may want to consider, is measuring out how much deck space you are going to lose if the engine protrudes above it and if you can put up with it.

    I would also be looking at whether the structure of the boat is able to withstand the vibration of a diesel as it was probably not designed for it.

    Is the engine and gearbox marine? There would be lot of work invoved if they are not ie cooling, safety etc.

    If you enjoy working on boats as a hobby go for it, but if you would rather use your boat, stick an outboard on.

    My cents worth

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