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Discussion in 'Outboards' started by dskira, May 6, 2013.

  1. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    This is the rudder I did for my Tohatsu 15Hp. to help the turning hability and the sail hability on my boat.
    It is made of 3/16" aluminum.

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  2. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    Is that needed because you cant raise the motor while sailing ?
  3. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    Good to see you back at it - good stuff:)
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  4. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    No, the engine with the rudder still be raised when at the mooring.
    My boat has a long and straight keel, and a centerboard. The sail area is very small, just to help. the rudder was added to help the directional hability, and to serve as a rudder with the engine at low RPM while sailing.
  5. Easy Rider
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    Easy Rider Senior Member

    I'm impressed. Very nicely done too.

    I'll bet it turns very well. Does the rudder tend to stall?
  6. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    Thank you for the nice comment.
    Yes it helps a great deal, and no I didn't find that it stall.
  7. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Outboards, even at low speed steer with thrust vectoring, not opposed lateral area, though there is some degree in the equation. I suspect it's real benefit, is when sailing or motorsailing, where the lateral area aspect is of considerably higher relevance.

  8. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    Yes you are right. It is a great help while sailing and motoring at low rpm.
    At 2/3 rpm (max I use) it helps also to turn faster.
    I really think outboard manufacturer should design and offers a version with rudder.
    The prop is not enough as a directional system for certain hull, like mine, heavy and straight keel, going slowly, and sail assisted with daggerboard.
    I think on the Yamaha high thrust, they should consider a rudder added version, since the gear ratio is 2.9 inset of 2 or 1.9 for a Tohatsu.
    That will be a perfect fit for a motor sailer.
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