outboard motor well placement

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Delaney, May 21, 2009.

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    i found some plans i like for a wide mild v boat that is flat at the transom, but I would like to locate the motor about three feet in front of the stern so the motor does not interfere with fishing and for safety reasons when diving. Bartender boats have a great well design they use that handles the slosh issues and it puts the CG more toward the middle of the boat. The boat would be about 24 feet long and 8 feet wide. I am not looking for great top end but want good access to the motor and better seakeeping ability.

    What do you all think? Decent idea or just plumb loco.

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    Sounds like the design of a Simmons Sea Skiff
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    While a good sea boat, the Simmons is not ideal for diving. It is a dory hull and as such it has low initial stability and high sides. Neither is what you want for diving. Nothing wrong with your want list. Many boats will work with the motor moved from the transom to further forward but you probably don't really want a well boat. The arrangement of the Simmons is ideal for the motor with the "well" as a cut-out of the transom. Splash and thrust are handled better than in a true well and access to the motor and prop is better. Negatives of any type of well are poorer steering and some speed plus loss of aft buoyancy.
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  5. gonzo
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    As a design modification, an extended deck or swim platform would be easier
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