outboard maintenance question (85hp johnson)

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by Sceptre, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Im planing to mount my 85hp johnson on my boat this weekend and I need to prepare it for summer i dont kno jack **^& about maintaining the engine I have few questions

    1 what oil does the lower part of the motor need to be changed [specifics] i think it was 90 grade oil
    2 what should i change before runing it again after a canadian winter like do I need new spark plugs or put a bit of oil in the cylinders? change the filters?
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    also whats the difference between marine battery and car battery?
  3. tunnels

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    Marine batteries need to have lots capacity and lots a cranking amps .Find out the size recomended for your motor and go up in size .
    I always fit a HD cut off switch in the main line between the battery and the motor ,so when its off eveything is off. Its always in a place thats easy to see and to reach when needed to !!.
    When things are damp theres always a small amount of power loss throught the dampness where ever, at the motor or the controls or instruments or where ever .
    Radios, sounders ,lights ,and what ever else all draw current and if you've been sitting with everything running for hours fishing or just lazing in the sun come time to turn the key and head for home the motor wont start !!! .
    Car batteries dont have much capacity and are mostly good for short bursts for a short time !!.
    The new marine battries are sealed so dosent mater if they fall over there now spillage of acid . ONE battery for your motor and a second for the toys , motor battery always has priority and dosent get used for the gadgets , But the gadgets battery can be connected to the start battery in a emergancy , Its all in the switching and how its wired up !! check with a marine electrician !!
    Think safety and live to go boating another day !! :D :p
    Dont forget to mount you battery in a place where its easy to get to , will stay dry , and in a proper box thats vented !keep all the terminals clean and well greased to stop corrosion and shorting .
    Moisture in any form and electricity dont mix to well !!
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    thanks a lot for the reply !!!
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    pistnbroke I try

    the oil in the section behind the prop is for the gearbox ..change it if it is at all white ..( Got water in it ) or just top it up ...
    Not sure which 85 hp you have V4 or modern suzuki re badged johnson ....If it has oil injection fine .if it has 50 :1 two stroke mix then you can use the same as your jetski buddies !!!!...Make sure you have water running when starting it for the first time ..getting the fuel primed up is the difficult bit in first starting a motor after it has been standing .....you may need a new water pump impeller if you did not drain it and it froze watch the tell tail when you do a first run as the impeller might disintegrate if its not in good condition...a service at a boat yard usually includes inspection of the water pump ..if the over heat alarm comes on its most lilley the impeller ....when did it last have a new one ??

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    If your 85 has a unregulated charging system DO NOT use a sealed battery
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